Changi Airport Group Dormitory

Around 10,000 foreign workers live in Changi (CAG) Dormitory. Design & supply and installation of a CCTV and WiFi system are all part of the scope of work. The deal has a value of S$1.5 million.The contract period was between September 2020 and June 2021.

The “Design & Build” scope of work for IT-Self includes developing the comprehensive cabling infrastructure, CCTV, and Wifi system to ensure complete coverage of the entire premises. Nearly 2,000 cameras and 800 WIFI Assess Points were installed by us throughout the facility. Despite a staffing constraint due to the epidemic, the project was finished on time.

Kimly Construction Pte Ltd Head Quarter building

When Kimly Construction was first established in 1965, it initially worked on Alteration & Addition (A&A) projects overseen by the Singapore Public Works Department (PWD). As soon as we established a reputation for producing high-quality work with integrity, Kimly was given multiple contracts from the PWD. Incorporated in 1975 is Kimly Construction Pte Ltd. Structure cabling, IP PBX installation, and fully automated audio and video solutions for their conference and board rooms are all part of IT-Self -scope of work.

Migrant Worker’s Onboarding Centre (NWOC) at Sengkang West

Sengkang West Dormitory is home to 5,000 foreign workers. IT-Self was hired to design, provide, and install IT infrastructure and equipment (including cabling). The contract’s value was S$150,000/-. The contract was for two weeks.

As the appointed IT expert contractor for SK Dormitory, we provide copper and fiber cable as well as IT equipment for the entire facility. The goal is to create an upgraded IT infrastructure from the existing system in order to provide better service to the residents during their stay. The project was completed ahead of time, even though the deadline was only two weeks.

Other Projects

Loomis International

Attorney Inc LLC

Migrant Worker’s Onboarding Centre (NWOC) at Eunos